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An accident can be a traumatic experience, which is usually accompanied by physical injuries and large medical bills, you do not have to go through that process alone, The Representatives are specialists in representing victims of physical and emotional injuries caused by all types of vehicle accidents.

While you fight to recover from your injuries, we’ll fight against insurance companies.

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Auto Accidents

A car accident can be a traumatic experience that often leaves serious physical and emotional injuries and even financial consequences. If you were the victim of a car accident, we will make sure you receive the compensation you deserve!


Semi-Truck Accidents

If you were in an accident with a truck, you may be eligible to receive compensation. These types of accidents commonly leave serious long-term injuries. Regardless of whether your injuries were minor or fatal, The Representatives will provide you with high-quality service, and we will fight for you to receive the best compensation.


Pedestrian Injuries

If you are a pedestrian who has suffered injuries caused by a reckless driver, you are going to need The Representatives to help you get the compensation you are owed, we will negotiate and fight for your rights.


Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle accident can change your life forever, leaving serious physical and financial damage. This type of accident is considered one of the worst and commonly results in serious injury and even death. That's why you need the correct representation. Representatives have the necessary experience to fight for fair compensation for you.


Dog Bites

A dog bite is a more common injury than you might believe. As a result, they can have physical and emotional injuries, increasing fear and nervousness before other dogs. If you were attacked by a dog, and you want to know if you can receive compensation, we can help you!

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Slip and Fall

A fall can happen at the least expected moment, and if this fall has been due to the irresponsibility of the property owner, you could access compensation for your injuries and losses.

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Client Testimonials

Daniel Mauricio
2 Reviews
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Great service. Cindy communicated promptly with me and the insurance company. Took care of the logistics for the settlement and made it really easy and simple to navigate. Thank you!
Beker Ronald
3 Reviews
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This Law firm helped me and my family so much! I would give 10 stars if I could! I am so grateful for this branch! Also the receptionist was so immensely helpful and also very pretty!
Thank you!
And I hope you keep doing the best!
Elisa Ortega
14 Reviews
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The staff is really friendly and you get the Best results, Victor Was the best!
Jared Thompson
4 Reviews
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My personal experience with the staff, and the attorney (William Anderson) at the office of Anderson Legal Services, was really great. The entire office was so kind, and extended themselves to make sure I was taken care of. It was a long process, just as William had explained, but he graciously walked me through each step. I'm so thankful for his support and guidance, I would've been lost without his help on my case. My health was his primary concern, and...
Ramon Caballero
1 Reviews
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Very friendly and professional service , they have a lots of experience , 100% happy with this service
Carmen Vanegas
3 Reviews
Read More
Overall amazing my husband and I feel so comfortable and secure with our case William is the best!

We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

Three Steps To Success
Preparation. Individual Approach. Persistence


Learning About all your legal Issues

The most important prerequisite of any successful case is preparation. We have a structured and comprehensive method of questioning your case and investigating the relevant facts. Our working methods are designed to avoid any information loss and to leave no surprises or gaps in your case. Upon completion of our preparatory works, you will know where you stand and what compensation you can reasonably expect.


Pair you up with A Perfect Attorney

Each of our lawyers is unique and has both a unique experience and approach to winning. You will be assigned the one that is most competent to win your specific case.


Fight For You Before the Insurance or In Court

This is where we come in while you just sit back, relax and follow our instructions. If our opponents are cooperative, we will facilitate the best deal, clean and simple. If they want it the hard way, than this is what they get.


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